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Having lived in 23 houses in her lifetime, Mekhala knows how important where you live is to your happiness, your career, your relationships and your family.

Mekhala was born in Dubai at the very start of the city’s dizzying rise. Acres of sand turned to acres of lush grass overnight and the tallest building at 10 stories high, was quickly dwarfed by another one at 100 stories high just next door.  After growing up in Dubai, New York and Pebble Beach, CA, Mekhala craved the buzz of a big city with a more cosmopolitan sway, and made her way to London to study at the London School of Economics.

During her final year at LSE, Mekhala joined a small tech start-up as a Summer intern. In a cramped office in London’s SoHo, Mekhala helped four founders build from their small idea to the internationally-recognized, top-ranked iPhone app, Shazam. In 2004, Mekhala moved to San Francisco to join Gap Inc. as Brand Manager of gapbody, at that time, the fledgling sleepwear and intimate apparel sub-brand. Mekhala still craved the buzz of a tech start-up, the glamour of working in the entertainment industry and the creativity of apparel retail. This led her to Delivery Agent, a company that runs e-commerce platforms for entertainment companies. Mekhala was Account Manager for MTV Networks, launching online stores for MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and more. The real draw however, was going to the MTV Music Awards and snubbing Katy Perry for Michael Phelps.

After a short stint in Santa Monica helping The Primetime Emmys with their first live-Tweeted broadcast, Mekhala returned to San Francisco and joined Sotheby’s International Realty to build their innovative mobile app, Blazing Tours, allowing real estate agents to shoot, edit and publish property videos. The energy of the Sotheby’s International Realty team and the San Francisco housing market were infectious, and Mekhala quickly turned in her techie hat to join the team as a fully-fledged real estate agent. She has found her niche in knowing what buyers want and how to make properties irresistible to that smart real estate investor or family after their dream home. She helps homeowners turn small investments into big profits with her unique blend of real estate and renovation expertise, marketing skills and tech-savviness.

Mekhala lives in San Francisco with her two young daughters. Her other expertise includes new restaurants, preschool/kindergarten admissions and House of Cards.



Alexis Taylor brings a refreshing sense of energy, passion, and dedication to San Francisco real estate. Alexis provides her clients with the best possible support and advice for every step of their journey. Buying or selling a home is one of life’s most exciting decisions, and Alexis is committed to truly listening to her clients while giving them prompt attention and thorough communication. 

Alexis brings a wealth of knowledge drawn from her family background in both residential and commercial real estate, where she gained invaluable experience managing apartment buildings, negotiating deals, and determining investment strategies. Originally a New Englander, Alexis attended the University of San Francisco where she earned her degree in Business. She started her career as an executive assistant to a high-profile family and prominent venture capital firm, where she managed a completed redesign of a San Francisco office space. In that role, she also built a reputation for trust and reliability – key qualities she extends to her clients today. Since joining Sotheby's International Realty, Alexis has partnered with a leading San Francisco agent to further her expertise in negotiating contracts, consulting on projects, and representing both buyers and sellers. 

Alexis is well-connected, knowledgeable of the city, and deeply involved in the community. She is known for her expertise on latest events, new restaurants, and hidden gems in each neighborhood. When Alexis isn't immersed in real estate, she enjoys traveling to the green mountains of Vermont or the luxurious beaches of Mexico. She loves skiing in Lake Tahoe and trying new fitness studios. Her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle leads her to seek opportunities for making the most of life in California. She chronicles her favorite dining spots, wine country escapes, and weekend getaways on her blog. 

Alexis enthusiastically tackles real estate challenges with the utmost honesty, professionalism, and confidentiality. Her clients receive unparalleled service while collaborating with her to achieve their real estate goals.